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  The Department of Botany is situated in the New Campus of the University, near the Bhagat-ki-Kothi Railway Station along New Pali Road. 

The Department of Botany imparts post-graduate education in the fields of Plant Sciences and has made impressive progress in research activities during the last 50 years. Students and Researchers work for their Ph.D. and D.Sc. degree in this Department. About a dozen laboratories are actively engaged in different areas of plant research. The research and development activities attract national and international attention. Research projects of international and national importance are funded by various agencies viz., European Economic Community, FAO, UNDP/UNIDO, PL­480, CSIR, UGC, DST, DBT, DRDO, DOEn, ICAR, ICFRE, CSB, Ministry of Health and State DST. Since 1980 this Department has been receiving grants under Special Assistance Programme (SAP) of the University Grants Commission of India. Recently, UGC Sponsored SAP-DSA Phase III Programme is successfully completed. During this period grants worth Rs. 400 lakhs have been received for development of infrastructure and for implementation of R&D Projects.

In 1983, on the recommendation of the Science Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SACC), the University Grants Commission of India launched the COSIST (Committee on Strengthening of Infrastructure in Science and Technology). The basic objective of COSIST is to assist selected Science and Technology departments in the Indian Universities; which has already exhibited and achieved high quality performance to attain excellence in the post-graduate education and research. The department of Botany has been selected for implementation of COSIST programme by the UGC from April 1999 for raising the standard of post-graduate education and research to international level. The M.Sc. (COSIST) Botany course under this new scheme was started from July 1999. This department is selected by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India for support under FIST – Phase II (Funds for Improvement of S & T Infrastructure) on completion of FIST – Phase I with status “Very Good”.


  Under the new COSIST system, the Department of Botany offers a two years integrated programme leading to Masters degree in Botany.

Students are admitted on an all India basis. The basic specializations offered are in the areas of Stress Physiology and Biochemistry, Physiology of Plant Growth, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Mycology and Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Resources, Systematics and Biodiversity, Plant­ Microbe Interactions, Plant Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Plant Prospecting.

The Department has continuous internal (open) assessment (50%) on all papers and annual external examination (50%) in the COSIST programme. The Department has facilities for advance research in major areas of plant biology leading to M.Phil., Ph.D. and D.Sc.  degrees.

The full course of M.Sc. in Two Years duration includes the following papers:


B-401: Cell and Molecular Biology of Plants

B-402: Cytology, Genetics, Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

B-403:  Biology and Diversity to Lower Plants: Cryptogams

B-404: B-405:   Plant Physiology and Metabolism

B-501: Plant Development and Reproduction

B-502: Plant Ecology

B-503: Plant Resource Utilization and Conservation

B-504: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering of Plants and Microbes

B- 505: Stress Biology

B- 506: Population Biology and Desert Ecology

B-507: Weed Biology

B-508: Seed pathology.

B-509: Industrial Microbiology

B-510: Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology

B-511: Plant Microbe Interaction

Taxonomy and Diversity of Seed Plants

 Note: B-401 to B-405 are in M.Sc. Previous and B-501 to B-504 are compulsory papers along with one elective paper (B-505 to B-511) in M.Sc. Final.


The Department possesses modem equipments required for teaching and research. Major equipments available in the department of Botany are:

·          Agarose Electrophoresis System

·          Chlorophyll Fluorescence Meter

·          Cold Room

·          Controlled Growth Chambers

·          Deep Freezers

·          Electrophoresis Systems

·          Electroporation cum Protoplast Fusion System

·          Gel Documentation System

·          HPLC system

·          Humidifiers and Fog Systems

·          Ice making Machine

·          Incubator shaker

·          Industrial Oven

·          Laminar Air Flow Benches

·          Li-6400 Photosynthetic System

·          Master Thermal Cycler (PCR Machine)

·          Micropropagation/Green House Facilities

·          Microscopes with photo-micrographic attachments

·          Millipore Water Purification System

·          Nat Steel Autoclave

·          Osmometer

·          Plant Canopy Analyzer

·          Refrigerated Incubator Shaker

·          Rockers and shakers

·          Seed Germinators

·          Slide/Overhead Projectors/Multimedia System

·          Spectrofluorimenter-JASCO

·          Steady State Porometer

·          Submerged Electrophoresis System

·          Super Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

·          Ultra Freezer

·          UV - VIS-Spectrophotomenters

 In addition, there is a well designed hardening unit, nurseries, net house, fenced experimental fields and a garden fulfilling the needs of advance research endeavours.   The Departmental library and the University Main Library cater to the needs of post-graduate students, research scholars and the faculty members.


The Department has well equipped laboratories in various disciplines of plant science viz:

                              i.             Biotechnology (this has been developed as an unit for micropropagation and hardening with all modern/sophisticated equipments.

                             ii.             BNF and Stress Physiology

                           iii.             Cytogentics

                           iv.             Ecology

                            v.             Microbiology

                           vi.             Pathology

                         vii.             Two cold rooms with climatic controls enable students to undertake molecular aspects of plant science

                        viii.             In addition to meet the daily requirements of our students, the department has three Undergraduate laboratories as well as two postgraduate laboratories cum theory classrooms


Departmental Library:

The Department houses books from general use for Undergraduate students to reference books exclusively for postgraduate students and research scholars. From the recent funding of the UGC under DSA and COSIST, we have acquired over three hundred fifty new books covering all disciplines of plant science and the total number of books available now exceeds 3000.  The books of the departmental library has been arranged  subject-wise viz., General Botany, Cytology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Fungi, Techniques, Flora, Taxonomy, Ecology, Economic Botany, etc.



Courses Offered By the Department
Faculty Members of the Department
Dr S. Sundaramoorthy



Dr. P.K. Kasera



Dr. Anil Vyas



Dr. H.S. Gehlot



Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Arora



Smt. Vandana

Assistant Professor

Dr. H.R. Dagla



Dr. (Mrs.) Vinod Kataria


Assistant Professor

Dr. Bana Ram Gadi


Assistant Professor

Dr. Gyan Singh Shekhawat

Associate Professor

Dr. Ganpat Singh Deora

Associate Professor

Dr. Praveen Gehlot

Associate Professor

Dr. Santosh Kumar Mehar

Associate Professor

Dr. Sharad Bissa

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shweta Jha


Assistant Professor

Mrs. Suman Parihar

Assistant Professor

Dr. (Miss) Nisha Tak

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ashok Kumar Patel

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Rachna Dinesh Nee Modi

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Kamna Sharma

Assistant Professor

Mr. Alkesh Tak

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Sumitra Kumari Choudhary

Assistant Professor

Mr. Kheta Ram

Assistant Professor

Mr. Hathi Ram

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Seema Sen

Assistant Professor

Mrs. Meena

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ramesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

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