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Dr. Ayub Khan

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Fluid Dynamics & MHD



1.  Gravitational instability of a rotating fluid in an oblique magnetic filed.
 Physica Scripta; 47, 230-234, (1993).

2. Rayleigh � Taylor instability of a finitely conducting partially ionized Hall Plasma.
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3. Instability of viscous stratified composite Hall Plasma.
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4. Effects of Hall currents on the instability of a gravitating partially ionized plasma in a two Dimensional Horizontal Magnetic filed.
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5. Stability of an oldroydian Fluid layer in a Horizontal Magnetic filed.
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7. Hydromagnetic stability of a self-gravitating plasma in two dimensional horizontal magnetic field.
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8. Stability of two superposed viscoelastic fluids in a horizontal magnetic field.
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10. Stability of a finitely conducting compressible fluid through porous medium.
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11. Jean's Gravitational Instability of a Thermally conducting Unbounded, Partially Ionized Plasma,  Zeitschrift Naturforsch, 61a, 275-280, (2006).

12.  Thermally conducting partially ionized plasma in a variable Magnetic field.
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13. Effect of surface tension on the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability of two superposed viscous rotating of fluids through porous medium.
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14. Stability of a thermally conducting plasma in a variable magnetic field.
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15. Rayliegh- Taylor instability of Rivlin-Ericksen elastico viscos fluid in a uniform horizontal magnetic field through porous medium
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16.  Jean's Gravitational Instability of a thermally conducting plasma.
       Physics Letter A 372(9), 1451-1457, (2008).

17.  Kelvin Helmoholtz Discontinuity in Two Superposed Viscous Conducting Fluids in a Horizontal Magnetic Field.
 Journal of Thermal Science (In press), (2008).

18.  Instability of Superposed Streaming Fluids through Porous Medium.
Revised in Journal of Porous Medium. (2008)

19. Magnetogravitational stability of a interstellar medium in a horizontal magnetic field.
Indian Academy of Sci., 31,(2009).

                               Communicated for Publication

1. Stability of superposed streaming Oldroydian fluids through porous medium
[Journal of Non Newtonian fluid]

2. The Kelvin Helmholtz instability of viscous fluid though porous medium
[Revisata Technica, Venezuala]

3. Instability of uniformly magnetized plasma and non extensive theory
Accepted for presentation at 6th ICIAM 07 in Zurich, Switzerland
[ New J of physics ]

4. Jean's gravitational instability of viscous self gravitating system
[Physics Letter A]

5. Effect of Rotation on the instability of an interstelellar medium with radiation pressure.
[Astronomy and Astrophysics]

6. Instability of thermally conducting self gravitating system.

7. Effect of surface tension on stability of an viscoelastic fluid in a magnetic field.
[Transport in porous media].

8. Stability of two superposed streaming viscoelasitc fluids
[Ravista Technica]

9. Effects of Hall Currents on gravitational instability of a rotating plasma.
[Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics]


10. Effect of rotation on a Rayleigh Taylor instability of a compressible fluid.
[Indian Academy of Science]

11. Jeans gravitational instability of a rotating plasma in an oblique magnetic field.
[Physica Scripta]

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