Deptt. of Physics

Head of the Department
Dr.R.J. Sengwa

Deptt. of Physics

About the Department


University Colleges

1.  KN College for Women, Jodhpur :: In-charge - Dr. Beena Bhatia (0291-2510765)

2.  MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur :: In-charge - Dr. HS Singh (0291-2514790, Mob. 09460530598)


Affiliated Colleges

1,  L.M. College of Science & Technology, Jodhpur ::  Principal - Prof. RL Mathur (0291-2431238)

2.  SPSP Mahila Mahavidhyalaya, Jodhpur :: Principal - Prof. G.R. Purohit (0291-2625630)


Courses Run

1.   B.Sc. Pass Course (Three Year Degree Course) for students opting Physics and/or electronics, Computer Science as one of the optional papers units running the course:-

(a)  Faculty of Science

(b)  KN College for Women

(c)  LM College of Science & Technology

(d)  SPSSR Mahila Mahavidhyalaya


2.   M.Sc. Physics (Two year Degree Course, Annual Scheme).  Students may opt any one of the following groups as part of the course:-

(a)  Electronics

(b)  Condensed Matter and Laser Physics

(c)  Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

(d)  Radiation Physics


Units Running the Course

(a)  Department of Physics

(b)  LM College of Science (Affiliated College)


3.   Ph.D. Programme  :: Ph.D. Programme is run in different experimental and theoritical disciplines.


Research Activities

The following groups are actively engaged in research projects:-

(a) Experimental Groups

(i) Polymer and Semiconductor Physics

(ii) Dielectric measuremnts in broad frequency range including Microwaves

(iii) Mossbauer Spectroscopy

(iv) X-Ray Spectroscopy

(v) Molecular Spectroscopy


(b) Theoretical Groups

(i) Quantum Optics

(ii) Atomic and Molecular Physics

(iii) Solid State Physics

(iv) Computational Physics

(v) Environmental Physics


Special Achievements / grants / projects

1. The Department has received DST-FIST grant for the year

2. The Department has received UGC-DRS grant for the year


Centralized facilities available for research and academic work:

1. Computational and Internet facilities

(i)   High Speed Internet Connection with access to academic generals

(ii) Mathematica Software for computation utilities

2. XRD Facility

3. Planetary Ball Mill

Courses Offered By the Department
Faculty Members of the Department
Prof. Devendra Kumar Sharma



Dr. Anup Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor

Dr. R.J. Sengwa


Dr. R.S. Singh

Associate Professor

Dr. (Mrs.) B. Bhatia

Associate Professor

Dr. H.S. Singh

Associate Professor

Dr. K.R. Patel

Assistant Professor

Dr. K. Dhoot

Assistant Professor

Sh. Samay Singh Meena

Assistant Professor

Sh. Shanker Lal Meena

Assistant Professor

Sh. Giriraj Chayal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sahi Ram

Assistant Professor

Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma

Associate Professor

Mrs. Manu Smriti

Assistant Professor

Mr. Uttam Paliwal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shiv Kumar Barbar

Assistant Professor

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